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Quality Management

We have a process-oriented, integrated management system, which is a tool that covers the areas of quality management, health and safety, environmental protection and our own needs.

Our management system is constructed and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 (medical devices).

Our high claim to product and service quality, and a desire to meet our customers' requirements are the motivation to constantly develop the system.

Medical Devices
Cleaning concentrates and disinfectants count as medical devices, and as such we have the corresponding EU certificate to be able to show a declaration of conformity and provide the products with the CE mark.

In some individual countries, disinfectants are classified as medicines. In the relevant areas for these products, we follow the GMP regulations and subject ourselves to the necessary inspections.

Responsible Care
Our broad client base in the areas of industry, medical and life sciences, has made us aware of the increasing demands, which go even beyond the quality of procucts and services, and underlined the importance of corporate social responsibility.
As part of SGCI Chemie Pharma Schweiz, we committed ourselves to the principles of the Swiss responsible care program in 2000. In addition to the legal requirements, we have made efforts on our own initiative, to secure the high level of safety, health and environmental protection that we have achieved, and to carry out constant further development of our services in these areas. 

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